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8 Things to Know About Zero Calorie Noodles on the hCG Diet

Miracle Noodles, Zero Calorie Noodles, No Calorie Noodles, Shirataki Noodles, whatever you want to call them – they are not part of the original hCG protocol, just to be clear from the outset. I’m pretty sure these noodles did not exist for Dr. Simeons, in Italy, in the 1950’s, because it looks like they originated in Japan and the world wasn’t nearly as accessible then as it is now.


I used these noodles almost daily for 3 of my hCG diet rounds, and would gladly do so again, and I’ll try to share more info here with you about why I feel that they aren’t a problem.


You will have to of course make your own personal decision whether you feel comfortable using these on the hCG Diet or not. I’ll just try to give you some details from my perspective – what they are made out of, how they seem to interact in your body, and my personal experience using them.


If you decide to use them, you can purchase them online with these brands:

Superlite Shirataki Noodles: These zero calorie noodles can be bought from Pick n Pay, Spar, Faithful to Nature and other outlets. They can be ordered from their website in bulk.

No Calorie Noodles: These zero calorie noodles can be purchased from Dischem, selected Spar outlets as well as on their website. Great value for money.


The Need to Knows About these Ambiguous Clear Noodles

#1: They Really Are Zero Calories – If Cardboard Tasted Good, You Could Eat That on hCG Too

The question, how exactly can noodles, that take up a bunch of space in your bowl, that you can clearly see with your own two little eyes, have no calories? That’s like saying the moon has no mass right? Well, here’s the reason.

These noodles are made entirely out of soluble fiber and basically go through your body undigested. So it’s kind of like eating cardboard to your body. That is what I gather anyway. I hope you’re not considering eating cardboard by the way.

They are made from what’s known as the Konjac root, composed of water and glucomannan, which originated in Japan. You can read more about their origin and makeup on wikipedia.

There’s actually an interesting article on how fiber interacts with our bodies. One thing of note it mentions it that soluble fiber binds with toxins in our body and if we aren’t getting enough fiber, “the toxins that we should be eliminating through our bowels get reabsorbed into the bloodstream”. It’s commonly understood that toxins are stored in fat, so I have felt that sometimes when we feel crummy on the hCG protocol is may be caused by toxins being released into our bloodstream as we are losing fat at a more rapid rate than usual. Based on this, these noodles which are pretty much entirely soluble fiber may actually be more than just neutral on the hCG Diet, they may even be helpful- at helping our body eliminate these toxins instead of reabsorbing them and continuing to feel sick.


#2: Shirataki Noodles or Miracle Noodles? What’s the Dif?

Shirataki noodles are basically just the non branded version of Miracle Noodles- the miracle noodles can be purchased online and are a bit pricier purchased under that name brand, but it’s also easier to find them this way.

The Shirataki noodles as you see here in this image below can be purchased at most local asian markets or ethnic markets, as well as the more on top of things organic type grocery stores and online.


The ingredients of the Shirataki noodles will often say “yam noodle” or “yam flour” in paranthesis on the package. There has been some confusion over people seeing this and then thinking the shirataki noodles contained actual yams as we Americans think of them and thus starch but this is not the case. The asian shirataki noodles are actually made purely from soluble fiber (fiber meaning our body does not digest it as any calories to us) from what’s called the Konjac Root in Japan- whoever translated this onto the package from chinese put it as “yam” but it’s really the Konjac root and NOT yams that it’s made from.


#3: Be Careful not get the ones with Tofu

When you are at the store, there are actually noodles labeled “shirataki noodles” with varying ingredients. Some have tofu, which have calories and carbs, so you want to avoid these. So when picking out your noodles, be sure to check the ingredients and make sure they do not contain tofu.


#4: I Ate Miracle Noodles on Phase 2 of hCG and I Gained – Doesn’t That Mean They Don’t Work for Me on P2?

Some people will stay “I don’t care if they are supposedly 0 calories or have no carbs, I had a gain, or I stalled when I ate those noodles.”

While I don’t believe in blanket statements that a particular thing will always or never work for everyone, there is a very logical explanation unrelated to fat loss when it comes to gains or supposed stalls while eating these noodles that is most likely the cause of this.

A. While these noodles are just fiber and have no carbs or calories, they still have a significant amount of bulk to them. If you eat one pound of noodles, and you haven’t gone to the bathroom by the next morning, you have one pound extra of food sitting in your intestines. It’s not fat, you just have more food, more bulk, sitting in your intestines.

B. Soluble fiber, which what these noodles are composed of, draws in water – so when you eat the noodles, they also absorb more water into your intestines than usual, and that water weighs something as well.

So most likely, if you see a “stall” or a “gain” from eating these noodles, which I did as well, it’s not a true stall or gain- just those noodles sittin’ in your stomach en route.


#5: They Have a 1 Year Shelf Life

If you are purchasing them online, the noodles are sold in bulk packages of like 10. The nice thing about them is that while they come ready to eat (no cooking necessary), in the sense that you can essentially eat them out of the bag if you really wanted to (although you probably won’t quite do that), they still have a shelf life of about 1 year, so you it works out just find to buy them in bulk since they last for quite some time.


#6 Do These Taste Like REAL Noodles?

If you mean, do they taste like the kind of noodles you get at an italian restaurant, NO. Do they taste like the noodles you’d get in a bowl of soup at a Vietnamese restaurant? Pretty much. What this means is some people HATE these noodles, and some people love them. I love them.


#7 Preparing the Noodles to Fit Your Taste…or er….Texture Buds

Some people do not like the texture of the noodles because they are rather slippery feeling. This made me start thinking about our taste buds, but it really isn’t a taste thing, it’s a texture thing, which made me start wondering why don’t we discuss having texture buds? We obviously have them since we often discuss the mouth-feel of something!

But I digress. Being that the texture of the noodles is not what everyone is accustomed to, you need to know how to best prepare them for your personal taste/texture buds.

A. Rinse them well. I have this little handheld mesh strainer. I simply cut the bag open, pour it into the little mesh strainer, and rinse with very hot water.

B. If you find the texture funny, put them in soups. You don’t notice the texture at all then. I ate Phase 2 soups pretty much daily on my final round of hCG with the miracle noodles and they were so. good. It was very filling and it was fall when the weather was getting cool.

C. I like to cut mine up with scissors while in the mesh strainer still because I don’t tend to care for long noodles. Or you could just buy the “rice” cut noodles.

D. If you’re okay with the texture you can actually use them as you would other regular noodles- tossed with Phase 2 meat and veggies, etc.


#8 If This is Too Off-The-Wall From Original Protocol For You

If you feel that this will not suit you in Phase 2 and that you need to stick to the original hCG protocol, that is totally fine! Just remember that if it comes down to a duel between you and cheating one day – a bowl of zero calorie noodles with a tablespoon of tomato paste is a much better choice than that bag of potato chips. It’s just nice to have something up your sleeve in an emergency.

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