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Cheating on the HCG Diet? 6 Reason Why & What to do about it

One of our Happy Shrinkers asked me a very good question regarding success or failure on the hCG diet – actually the exact question was:


“Out of how many people you know who have done this diet, how many have have fallen off the wagon and why?”


I have the privilege of interacting with many people on the diet plan now through my website and Facebook group.  I definitely do not have any exact statistics to answer this question, but it got me thinking.


My guess is that around 50% of people that try out the protocol quit/heavily cheat during or after the losing weight portion and gain back a good amount of weight, at least temporarily.  This is not a scientifically based number at all however.


This is just a number to say that of all the people who’ve emailed me or communicated with on FB over the last year, quite a few have struggled at some point either by cheating a lot or quitting early or telling me they have done HCG Injections or HCG Drops before but gained all the weight back and want to start fresh.  The purpose of saying this isn’t to discourage you.


The big question though is WHY?  Why does this happen?  Maybe if we know why, we can avoid it.

Based on some of the things that people have told me and the reasons I have struggled at times in the past myself, I thought of 6 reasons I think this can happen, and how we can compensate to ensure we do well on the weight loss protocol.


1.  Not Having a Clear Idea of What Is Involved (It’s Harder Than You First Thought)

This is very common for hCG newbies, and don’t feel bad if you are one of those that got derailed by this.  Before you experience it, it’s easy to think that you can do something like this no problem.

In all the excitement of learning that you can lose all your excess weight so quickly, the rest of the details about eating only 800 calories and forgetting that most of us eat for many other reasons other than just hunger go out the window it never occurs to us that it could be a challenge.  But a challenge it IS my friends!  I have said it before and I’ll say it again- fast does not equal easy.


2. Expecting Too Much from the Diet and Getting Disappointed Too Easily

It can often be easy for us to lose sight of the big picture.  A few days of no weight loss while on the diet can quickly feel like forever.  If you are truly only on the diet for the numbers you see on the scale each day you are going to run into trouble- it’s important to have realistic expectations of what you can hopefully achieve through the protocol on each round.    We’ll discuss this more.


3.  Your Reasons for Losing Weight Are Not Deep Enough to Carry You Through

I think we ALL have what some might call “superficial” reasons for losing weight at times- a party coming up, wanting to know what it feels like to shop in the size 8-10 part of the rack, a trip to Thailand, etc.  and there really isn’t anything wrong with this.

On the other hand, what happens once the party is over?  Or the newness of shopping for smaller dress sizes wears off (it will I promise you).

Like I said, I think there is nothing wrong with having these types of reasons for desiring to be smaller (who doesn’t want to appear great and feel good about themselves in these settings?)- at the same time, there are a few reasons that it’s important to have deeper motivators to lose weight as well– let’s talk about those and why this is important to finishing successfully soon.


4. As you Lose Weight, Your Original Goal Might Not Be Enough Anymore- You May Need to Find New Goals

You may have a truly important motivator to lose weight at the outset of your weight loss journey.  Perhaps you are facing death-dealing health consequences if you don’t lose weight, or maybe you are facing weight loss surgery.  But perhaps your initial goal with the weight loss protocol is actually reached far before you reach a normal weight.  You are no longer in danger of dying or needing weightloss surgery.  What then?  How do you keep going?


5.  Realizing You Have Emotional Issues for Eating That You Haven’t Worked Through

You’d probably agree with me that the vast majority of us do NOT eat purely for sustenance.  And there is nothing wrong with this either.  Food tastes good for a reason.  There’s a reason people get together and share a meal- it’s an enjoyable and enriching thing to do.  However, sometimes many of us who are or have been overweight do have some unhealthy reasons for eating, that could have in part, led to our overweight state.

Going on the diet without addressing these issues is a recipe for failure- either actually on Phase 2, or later when we’re off P2 and find that we aren’t mentally ready to  make the necessary long term eating changes to maintain our new weight range.


6. Undiscovered Health Issues Can Interfere

One of the reasons I have felt poorly before, had a lot of cravings that were so bad it was impossible to not give in to them, etc. was because my health (which has been fluctuating up and down since my early twenties, about 10 years now, far before hCG entered the picture) was on a downswing and I didn’t realize it at the time.  I only had 1 round of the protocol that turned into a disaster and I realized later that my adrenal health was really compromised, which caused the symptoms that made my time on the protocol that round totally miserable.


At some point or another we all give into cravings and may cheat here and there. If you are finding it hard to stick to the protocol then perhaps take some time to reflect and remember exactly why you decided to start your weight loss journey. Keeping in mind that if it were so easy, we would all be walking around with the body of our dreams.

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