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Steak day

How to do a “Steak Day” on the HCG Diet

<p>If you ever get to 1 Kg over your LIW (Last Injection Day Weight), It is important that you do a steak day THAT DAY. Do not wait!</p>

From what I have read and experienced, the traditional HCG Steak day gets the best results of an immediate weight drop when you are 1 Kg over your LIW.


Instructions for a traditional HCG Steak Day

  1. Eat nothing all day until at least 6pm.
  2. Drinks TONS of water, green tea, some black coffee. No sugar or milk products.
  3. Dinner: Eat a VERY large steak with a large tomato or an apple


Any steak seems to work from what I can tell, but feel free to test your favorite steaks on different steak days to see if your results vary.

  • Rib Eye, New York, Filet, Top sirloin, Porterhouse, T-Bone, etc all seem to be fine.
  • I do NOT think that meat such as Tri Tip, Hamburgers, Brisket, or Prime Rib are good options however.


I do think that the Steak Day described above does achieve the best results. However, I have included some alternatives that can have a positive result and a good weight drop. I have found most to be effective.


Alternates to Steak on a ‘Steak Day’

  • Substitute the steak with roasted chicken but eat a BIG portion, ALOT
  • Substitute the steak with eggs: 6-10 eggs


Some people find that they can divide the protein into 2 meals, and have 2 apples.
*if you choose this option, it is a good idea to eat a small to medium size piece of steak or chicken however, rather than the VERY large piece recommended in the traditional Steak Day.

  • Lunch: steak or plain chicken and an apple
  • Dinner: steak or plain chicken and an apple


I find that eliminating fruit works best for me personally

  • Lunch: steak or plain chicken and asparagus or spinach
  • Dinner: steak or plain chicken and asparagus, spinach, or tomato
  • Alternate: Eat 3 eggs 3 times throughout the day


You might want to you try some of these methods and other alternatives to a steak day, when you are 1 Kg over, and see which protocols work best for you personally, before you ever hit that ‘1 Kg’ over mark.

Good luck! Enjoy your exploration! Let me know how it goes.

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